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Microsoft Office.

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Red Apples from our Students

  • Very helpful, will save me a lot of time. I learned a lot of shortcuts and new features. The instructor did a great job teaching people with different levels of Excel experience.
  • The instructor was terrific in
    choosing which topics to cover
    at what time of the day.

    At the end of the day when we were having trouble staying focused,
    we did lighter tasks.
  • The instructor's demeanor
    and knowledge was excellent!
    The small class made it very easy
    to comprehend & follow,
  • I learned more before lunch
    with our instructor than I did
    in an entire college class.

    She taught why and explained
    the thought process behind Excel
    rather than just teaching formulas.
  • Great pace! - nice job speaking
    to multiple skill levels
    We had an exceptional instructor;
    I will carry away significantly
    more than I expected to.
  • Our instructor was the best software (application) instructor that I have
    ever encountered.
    Our instructor was great:
    patient and easy to follow.
  • Our instructor was very practical in her presentation approach.

    She told us where to find the items in the book, but her methods were MUCH better than the book. She geared the day to our needs.
  • Our instructor provided exceptional training to our organization for our migration to a version of Microsoft Office (2007). He took great care to understand what was important to us as an organization and this was carried though in his training efforts.
    Overall a superb job !!!!!!
  • Need I say more, he got a
    standing ovation! Our class was customized for us as we are moving
    from WordPerfect to MS Office Word 2010 using our forms.

    Fantastic class!